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We “Beena Engineering” most demanded and recognized brand in the industrial market for manufacturing and supplying wide range of Butterfly Valve. We are engaged in manufacturing quality valves of all types for a wide spectrum of users in the Process & Chemical, Refineries & Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Thermal Power Stations, Nuclear & Atomic Power Stations, Textiles, Dyes & Intermediates, Paint & Varnishes, Sugar, Breweries & Distilleries, Soaps & Detergents, Steel Plants, Food & Oil Industry, Solvent Extraction Plants, Sewage, Effluent & Water Treatment, Cooling Water, Ship Yards and Marine Management, Water Works, Pulp & Paper, LPG Bottling Plants, Onshore & offshore platforms, slurry & ash handling. Our contemporary versions of valves are designed after incremental improvement in their present drawbacks. We are leading manufacturer of Butterfly Valve in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Hence our customers always get the benefits of best performance products with enhance features from us.

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve is a mechanism that regulates the flow of materials within large pipe diameters by the quarter-turn rotation of a disc. The design of the butterfly valve has allowed for the improvement of processes and applications in diverse industries. In the design of the butterfly valve the rod feeds through the center of a disc and this rod is connected to an actuator that controls the motion of the disc. Further the disc position is either parallel or perpendicular to the flow of media. The offered range of butterfly valve differs from other valves because the disc is always in the flow causing a pressure change for any position of the valve.

Our offered ranges of butterfly valves are well-known internationally for their optimal functionality with very high reliability and outstanding durability.

Our developed team of experts conducts comprehensive research and development prior to the creation of a product. Our complete approach of design creations, manufacturing process and quality testing process is executed bearing in mind the international set quality standards. Hence we are having the best selling products of butterfly valve in India. With a view of enhancing our customer’s penchant of having a ONE STOP SOLUTION, we have constantly worked on enhancing its product profile. Within each business, we have a dedicated team of professionals totally focused on supplying their position comprehensive market.

Butterfly Valves in India

We are considered as one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Butterfly Valves in India. The offered range of Butterfly Valves is a valve subsists of a rotating circular plate or a pair of hinged semicircular plates, attached to a transverse spindle and mounted inside a pipe in order to regulate and prevent it from flow. These ranges of valves are normally used in the industry for the flow of air, gas, steam, or liquid or certain dry materials. Our brand name is widely recognized in the industrial market as leading manufacturer of Butterfly Valve in India. The offered range of butterfly valves are generally preferred due to their cost effective than other valves designs, and are lighter in weight so they need less support.

Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in Gujarat

Being foremost Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in Gujarat, we are engaged in designing premium quality of butterfly valves in conformation with the industrial quality standards. This valve is well-considered for controlling the flow of fluids in trouble free manner owing to its high strength, corrosion resistance and hassle free functionality. They are mainly designed as shut-off valves but can also be used for simple control purposes. They have a one-piece shaft with splines that make sure strong connection with the disc and anti-blow-out protection for harmless use. Butterfly valves are a type of rotary valve that use a rotating disk to control flow through a pipe. They are frequently used in applications requiring large sizes and high temperatures due to their lower cost relative to other styles of control valves.

Pneumatic Butterfly Valves

Beena Engineering is well-known for their Pneumatic Butterfly Valves Manufacturer and Supplier in Ahmedabad. We provide the Pneumatic Butterfly Valves in many countries like Malaysia, Tanzania, Africa, Oman, Egypt and many more. We have a huge range of pneumatic butterfly valve with outstanding features like -20°C to 80°C temperature and PN 10 / PN 16 Pressure Rating also provide PN 20 as per customer request. The offered range of butterfly valves works on a simple mechanism and easy to use so it has low maintenance and these valves are fitted in mid of fluid flow. These valves function by pressurized air which is controlled by a pneumatic actuator that is fixed on it. Our manufactured valves are normally used for liquid and slurry materials. Pneumatic Butterfly valves are more popular in the valve industry due to their easy to use and simple mechanism. It functions by Pneumatic which allows fast functionality and safe from fire and electric short circuits. So it is an electricity competent operated valve with the lowest cost.

Actuator Butterfly Valves

Acknowledged manufacturer, supplier and exporter of huge range of Actuator Butterfly Valves that controls the flow of gas or liquid by means of a disk, which turns on a diametrical axis inside a pipe or by two semi-circular plates hinged on a common spindle, which permits flow in only one direction. These actuated butterfly valves presents a rotary stem movement of 90 degrees or less, in a solid design. Unlike ball valves, butterfly valves do not have any pockets in which fluids may turn into trapped when the valve is closed. They are usually used as throttling valves to control flow. They provide the least necessities for design, installation, performance, and manufacturing of products used in the water industry, including pipe, chemicals, storage facilities, valves, and other appurtenances.

Teflon Seated Butterfly Valves

To make sure high standards of quality, these offered range of Teflon Seated Butterfly valves are accurately engineered using the latest technology and sophisticated machinery. Owing to the most advantageous performance, long functional life, minimum maintenance and faultless design, these butterfly valves are vastly demanded in the market. These Teflon seated butterfly valves can be modified as per the necessities of our admired customers. These Teflon seated butterfly valves are quick-opening valve that consist of a metal circular disc or vane with its revolve axes at right angles to the direction of flow in the pipe, which when rotated on a shaft, seals against seats in the valve body. We lead in the manufacturing of diverse types of butterfly valves. With our very reasonable pricing, we are occupying the standard market place, satisfying the demand of the industry.

Industrial Butterfly Valves

As a leader in the industry, Beena Engineering has a wealth of understanding and proficiency that’s unique. We make use of this experience to afford both companies and individuals with quality and pioneering products they can truly count on. Additionally, we guarantee that we stay ahead of the industry curve by using the latest technologies. The offered range of Industrial Butterfly Valves are manufactured with help of quality team and proficient engineers to make sure that we are delivering quality products in market. All types of Industrial Butterfly Valves are designed; manufactured and tested to meet and exceed all the applicable specifications they are made. Our main aim is to furnish top quality valves at the most affordable prices and timely delivery.

Wafer Type Butterfly Valves

We are manufacturer of Wafer Type Butterfly Valves for diverse industrial application. The wafer style butterfly valve is designed to preserve a seal against bi-directional pressure differential to avoid any backflow in systems designed for unidirectional flow. These are best applied in areas involving regulated flow of fluids using a series of pipes. Other than this, the wafer type butterfly valves are also used in larger lines in form of front as well as rear suctions as well as in fire equipment based applications. Here, our proficiency lies in making accessible in diverse dimensions and specifications including in modified finish options as demanded from us. Our advantage lies in the fact that most of the parts are manufactured in-house and hence craving in terms of quality and delivery are minimized.

Flanged Butterfly Valves

The offered ranges of Flanged Butterfly Valves are accessible with us at highly reasonable market prices, which are manufactured from optimum quality metal and alloy.  With a complete system of total quality control to make sure that the products only conform to recognized standards of quality and reliability, we pompously launch ourselves as the leading manufacturer and exporter of diverse kinds of flanged butterfly valves. Our assortment of flanged butterfly valves are quick-opening valve that consist of a metal circular disc or vane with its revolve axes at right angles to the direction of flow in the pipe, which when rotated on a shaft, seals against seats in the valve body. With our very affordable pricing, we are occupying the standard market place, satisfying the requirement of the industry. Owing to the optimal performance, long functional life, minimum maintenance and faultless design, these valves are highly demanded in the market.

Manual Butterfly Valves

Being a promising organization of the industry, we offer an extensive range of Manual Butterfly Valve. The offered ranges of manual butterfly valves are a valve that isolates or regulates the flow of a fluid. They are well-built in construction and precise in dimension. Further the offered range of Manual Butterfly valves can withstand high pressure and are superior in quality and can be availed at market leading prices. Beena brand butterfly valves are betrothed in designing longer life and trouble free performance. They are flawless finished during the whole processing in our organization. We are among the promising Manual Butterfly Valve Suppliers in India. The end result - a valve that requires no form of maintenance. This ensures the line fluid does not enter the stem area and get contaminated. We manufacturer our products range using the high-grade techniques and material.

Why Choose Beena Engineering for Butterfly Valve?

Beena Engineering – acknowledged manufacturer and supplier in the market for offering wide range of Butterfly Valve. We are ready to cater the requirements of diverse industries such as oil exploration, foods and beverages, thermal plants, and pharmaceutical industries. By providing quality approved products to customers, we become the foremost and preferred choice of the customers. By following the ethical business practices and dealings, our firm has a huge client base across the national and international markets. The offered ranges of butterfly valves are classified into different types of quarter-turn valve.  Some of the factors that set us apart from competitors are:

  • Transparent dealings
  • Customization solution
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure facility
  • Ethical business policies
  • Wide distribution network

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